Twitter Flash Visualizer at Rails Conference

Twitter Flash Visualizer

Just wanted to pass on the news that my latest project, the Twitter Flash Visualizer was put on display at the RailsConf 2007 in Portland. This was a really fun project developed in collaboration with Biz Stone and the rest of the Twitter team. The visualizer was built with configuration in mind, so I think we’ll see it applied to a number of different situations. The tech is still a little green, so if you hit any bugs let me know.

Props to Biz for a great design, and the Twitter team for feeding my latest Internet addiction!

p.s. Click on the app to go fullscreen.

2 thoughts on “Twitter Flash Visualizer at Rails Conference

  1. Pretty. Feels more like a bulletin board, too.

    Is that a photo of a particular location at the conference, or is it just a nice photo unrelated to the messaging?

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