Embedding AIR Badges on WordPress via Kimili Plugin

In my last post, I wanted to distribute a sample AIR application via the user-friendly badge installation process. After taking a look at the available options, I came across an excellent Flash embedding solution for WordPress called Kimili. Kimili is a WordPress friendly wrapper on top of Geoff Stearns excellent SWFObject Javascript library.

I thought I would share my code snippet for my previous post in order to help the next person who was trying to get AIR badges in WordPress going:

Two side-notes:

  • The Kimili plugin delimits flashvars with semicolons bracketed by spaces (e.g. ” ; “). I’m not sure why it requires this odd syntax, but things won’t work if you eliminate the spaces.
  • I added a space betwen the closing bracket of the tag so that WordPress wouldn’t interpret it. The correct syntax should be “/]”.

Thanks to Michael Bester for the great library!

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