AIR 2.0 – Installation log location change

Recently I was debugging an AIR installation issue, and didn’t realize that the log files have changed with AIR 2.0. Thought I’d pass on the knowledge.

/private/var/log/system.log (or the console app)

Win XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\AIR\logs\Install.log

Win Vista/7: C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\AIR\logs\Install.log


I know I’m saving somebody a headache. ;-)

Speaking at MAX – IHT Reader

IHT Reader screenshot
Hello, I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at MAX on the IHT Reader project, a next-generation desktop newsreader application that was featured in the MAX keynote on Monday.

Speaking along with Jeremy Clark and Justin Van Slembrouck, we’ll be covering the project from both a design and development perspective. I’ll be digging into some of the new text technology in AIR 1.5 and FP10 that made this project possible. I hope to see you there!

Session details:
Creating a Next-Generation Desktop News Reader
Wednesday, November 19
Moscone West 2018, 2:00-3:00 p.m.

DirecTV launches NFL streaming video application built with Adobe AIR

Supercast DirecTV screenshot
I’m excited to share with you the launch of Supercast, a premium service for DirecTV subscribers that allows viewers to watch all NFL games in high-quality h264 video encoding, while getting the latest scores, plays, and highlights.

While Flash video in the browser is great, the AIR application leverages a number of desktop API’s to improve the viewing experience, while providing DRM support that makes this type of application viable to media companies like DirecTV.

I think this project also proves there is commercial viability for AIR applications. Its probably the first AIR app that you can’t install, which is too bad because its one of the best. Definitely check it out if you have NFL Sunday ticket.

While I got to get my coding mitts in early on the project, the lion’s share of the application was built out by two talented consulting groups – Blitz Agency and Congrats!

Desktop Keeley – Killer AIR app

Ok, this is not the most tasteful AIR app, but it is technically one of the best. By leveraging Flash transparent video and AIR transparent windows, they’ve managed to create an app that cleverly interacts with your desktop experience. Its also pretty fun to play around with! Hats off to The Sun UK in creating such an innovative app! Check it out here.

AIR Example – Native Drag-n-Drop and Clipboard Integration

Chart Export Screenshot

AIR provides some great API’s for integrating with other applications. Via the NativeDragManager and Clipboard classes, you can easily export your data in a multitude of formats, including PNG and CSV. Recently I had an project that utilized these features, and I figured it would be good to share the techniques with the community.

In particular this example, framed as a basic stock chart application, demonstrates the following features:

  • Native drag-and-drop with PNG images and custom image proxies.
  • Copy to Clipboard / Export with both PNG and CSV data formats – Right-click on the chart to get your options
  • Example code for customizing the HLOCChart class look-and-feel

These features were factored into ‘behavior’ classes so that they can (fairly) easily be applied to your own AIR apps.

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Source is available by right-clicking and selecting ‘view-source’ in the application from anywhere but the chart.

Embedding AIR Badges on WordPress via Kimili Plugin

In my last post, I wanted to distribute a sample AIR application via the user-friendly badge installation process. After taking a look at the available options, I came across an excellent Flash embedding solution for WordPress called Kimili. Kimili is a WordPress friendly wrapper on top of Geoff Stearns excellent SWFObject Javascript library.

I thought I would share my code snippet for my previous post in order to help the next person who was trying to get AIR badges in WordPress going:

Two side-notes:

  • The Kimili plugin delimits flashvars with semicolons bracketed by spaces (e.g. ” ; “). I’m not sure why it requires this odd syntax, but things won’t work if you eliminate the spaces.
  • I added a space betwen the closing bracket of the tag so that WordPress wouldn’t interpret it. The correct syntax should be “/]”.

Thanks to Michael Bester for the great library!

Example AIR App – Dynamically Resizing Windows based on Content Area

Resizable AIR Chrome Screenshot

** Updated for AIR 1.0 02/25/2008 **

The AIR windowing API offers some exciting new possibilities, and challenges, for Flash developers. With the Employee Directory Sample Application, we showcased a well-designed, real-world application that dynamically resizes itself to a changing content area. This is a powerful technique that simply isn’t possible within the confines of a browser window.

I thought it would be useful to distill this capability from the more complex directory application and provide a simple ‘kick-start’ application that demonstrates:

  • Leveraging transparent windows to create high-quality custom window chrome with drop-shadows.
  • Using the Flex Resize effect and event listeners to dynamically size a NativeWindow to the size of a changing content area
  • Simple PNG-centric CSS styling example with advanced text anti-aliasing applied.

You may install via the AIR badge below, or if you have less than 9,0,63, you will have to manually install the runtime and AIR file:

[kml_flashembed fversion="9.0.63" movie="/examples/airchrome/badge.swf" fid="badge" targetclass="flashmovie" bgcolor="#181818" useexpressinstall="true" publishmethod="static" width="217" height="140" scale="noscale" wmode="transparent" allowscriptaccess="always" fvars="appname=ResizableAIRChromeExample ; appurl= ; airversion=1.0 ; messagecolor=999999 ; imageurl="]

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Source is available by right-clicking and selecting ‘view-source’ in the application.

One other factor with resizable applications not covered in this sample app is automatically keeping the application onscreen as the application resizes. This is a challenging problem that is addressed in the directory application (via a fairly convoluted solution), but is not covered here. Something I definitely hope to address more clearly in the future. Definitely check out the Employee Directory if you haven’t already.