Wabysabi.com is the personal and professional website of Daniel Wabyick.

A little about me. I am a San Francisco software developer with over 15 years of experience building mobile, web and desktop applications. Experience-driven projects that break ground in new industries are the status quo.

Currently, I hold a position managing a team of developers in the Experience Design unit within Adobe.

Previous projects include NBC Olympics Live Extra, V1 of WIRED magazine, and a little AIR application used by the Office of the President.

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  1. Hello Daniel,
    I am a grad student at Georgia Institute of Technology and I had a meeting yesterday with Puneet Goel and Greg Wilson of adobe. They showed me your Employee Directory and I thought it is an awesome application. I was wondering if you could suggest how I could implement your directory here at Georgia Tech. I have Flash knowledge and database experience but I am a newbie at Flex/AIR. Here’s our current directory which needs to be updated because its hard to find people and locations of things here on campus (http://www.gatech.edu/directories/). Is there a location for the source files I can download? Thanks

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